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"Show me the reason why"

Many decades ago, David Ogilvy, the founder of advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather famously demanded of his creative team to "show me the reason why." We would argue that such a demand is as valid as ever, maybe more so. Especially on the Internet, you may only get a few seconds to convince the reader of the value of your message and much of this is related to effective content.

Does your current website meet this test?

Content and why it is so critical

Content is (or should be) information in an accessible and structured format that will convince the site users that what is offered is directly relevant to their needs.

When you need to communicate the benefits and values of whatever it is you offer, it will best be achieved when you provide content and images that provoke an empathic as well as informative response to the needs and interests of your specific target audience. It will generally consist of text, images, maybe graphs and tables of data, perhaps a Blog and/or newsletter as well as links to resources the user will find useful.

A major objective is to demonstrate your credibility in your specific market category and therefore develop trust in you as a preferred supplier.

If only technical accuracy mattered, the task would be simple, but the skill is being able to reflect the mindset of the audience to convey your offers and your value propositions in appropriate terms and tone. Today, the term "UX" is used to define the methodology to achieve this. It requires a combination of psychology, experience and writing skills, plus knowledge of your industry and how customers think..This is where we excel.

“No product is an island. A product is more than the product. It is a cohesive, integrated set of experiences. Think through all of the stages of a product or service – from initial intentions through final reflections, from first usage to help, service, and maintenance. Make them all work together seamlessly.”

— Don Norman, inventor of the term “User Experience”

How the content is structured is important. It should allow the user to engage with your main theme (value proposition) and drill down to more detailed information and a call to action.

So you already have a website

You may have used one of the excellent templates available on line to design the site yourselves or you may have engaged a professional web designer. The result is that your website may have stunning graphics and great overall design BUT the key is about effective communication and frequently even professional sites do not pass that test.

We are here to evaluate your business positioning, your value propositions and utilise whatever material you have available and/or provide new content. Frequently, our content can be used to replace the content on your existing site. That allows you to retain much of what you like about your site without the cost and hassles of starting again. Of course, we can create an entirely new site if necessary.

Our experience

For many years, we have provided strategic advice and practical marketing solutions to clients across a wide range of industries ranging from small local businesses to international corporations. To concentrate exclusively on content development, CONTENTWIZARDS is integrated with other ASPAC services.

ASPAC Consulting. for many years has provided strategic planning, marketing communications & materials. Our clients are literally all over Australia and the Western Pacific. We operate primarily via Internet, email and phone. Please see the "methods" page for further information

The chart below shows just a few of the business categories in which this integrated group offers significant experience. It means we require a minimum of briefing and know how to communicate in relevant terms that will resonate with potential customers and other stakeholders across many industries.

experience profile chart

Articles, Blogs and newsletters

Page copy alone is critical, but should be considered to be incomplete without additional material that will engage the interest of the user. The scope for this is endless and what is relevant will depend on the category and its degree of complexity. The more technical these are, the greater the benefit of providing additional meaningful information. Case histories that illustrate how you have solved customer problems/needs are especially useful beause they help to engender trust in your knowledge and skill.

We have written many newsletters involving various categories, of which one example is HERE

Articles we have written about various aspects of content development may be found HERE.

Below are just a few websites for which we created all of the written content, the site navigation and many of the photographs:

Abercrombie River Burls - a B2C site incorporating a shopping cart and payment gateway

Graeme Cooper website - For over 15 years, we designed, managed and wrote all content for the site, including all technical articles and the Blog. The business was sold in 2022 and we are no longer associated with this company

- this business has since been sold but the site features our information management principles, copywriting, response forms and "drill down" site navigation.

hand made artifactsdental services
audio equipmentsailmaking
automotive servicesmetal_fabrication

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